Essential Information:-

If you have any questions or you are unsure about any aspect of ‘pumping concrete' please contact us, as we’d be happy to help with any queries…Contact Us


When enquiring about a concrete pumping job, please ensure you know:-


·       The distance you have to get your concrete

·       The approximate amount of concrete to be pumped

·       The area we are coming to


When ordering a concrete pump please ensure you:-


·       Provide 2 x 25kg bags of cement on site. If you unable to do this we can provide a cement substitute called ‘Slick’ from Putzmeister. This will be chargeable at £10 + vat. Please let us know if this is required.

·       Always inform your Concrete Supplier you are ‘pumping the concrete’ and request a ‘Pump-mix’. They will understand this and adjust the mix accordingly.




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