The Fleet:-

Our modern range of pumps, equipped with all the extras, start from the compact 20m Booms to the high output 24m 32m Booms Concrete Pumps. 

Pumpmaster's Fleet of Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps, supplied with operators are as follows:-

  • Putzmeister 20m Boom Quad
  • Putzmeister 24m Boom Low Unfold
  • Putzmeister 32m Boom 


The 20m machines can fit onto the smallest sites due to a maximum support width of onlY 3.4m, making them perfect for domestic sites. They are capable of unfolding their Booms under very restricted headroom of below 3.9m. The 20m Quad machines also have a output capacity of 90m³/h ideal for extensive pipelines and mass pours.

Our low unfold 24m machines are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications with maximum output capabilities of 140m³/h! Four sections on the Boom enable it to unfold in only 4.9m! Perfect for reaching into buildings for pumping large floor slabs.


The 32m machines have Z-fold booms to reach into buildings and also for such big machines, only need an area of 6.4m³ to setup and even less using the OSS short-rig system. These machines are ideal for heavy duty workloads with an output capacity 160m³/h! Data Sheets available on request.Enquiry Form




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